Catalina is a passionate and professional doula, as well as a dedicated midwifery student.  

With her background in prenatal yoga, she has seen the ways in which a woman's emotions link directly to her physical being. Therefore, a peaceful mind is a peaceful body and thus leads to a graceful birth. 

She truly believes that peace on earth begins at birth and that every baby born into the loving arms of a conscious family and supportive care provider brings us all one step closer to world peace.

As a student midwife, Catalina is currently studying at the National Midwifery Institute (NMI) in pursuit of becoming a Certified Profession Midwife (CPM) and Licensed Midwife (LM) in the state of California. She is also assisting in home births with her preceptor Dr. Stuart Fischbein as well as working with other midwives in the Los Angeles area.