"Catalina was an amazing Doula during my labor with Lola. She was very knowledgeable on the birthing process, as well as all of the smaller unknowns that came up during my labor. She was very prepared.  I was really taken by her soft and calming presence, which I really needed, especially towards the end. She never let me down. When the nurses were pushing the Epidural at the beginning Catalina was there to make sure that they followed my birth plan and although I ended up getting the Epidural towards the end, she made me feel like I wasn't quitting and made me feel at ease.  Catalina was so attentive during and after my labor, she was so lovely and I would recommended her to anyone in need of her services." by Perla

"Catalina won the MVP award for our birth experience. We could not have been happier to have her by our sides throughout my labor and birth. Catalina is so sweet and calming yet professional and very knowledgable. She went above and beyond during every phase of our journey together from our first meeting till our visit with her and our one week old daughter." by Megan

"We were extremely grateful to have Catalina at the birth of our first child. She was a great complement to our birthing team. She was very respectful of allowing us to have the birth we wanted. During my labor she was a very calming presence, offering advice to help me cope with the pain, performing reflexology and massaging my back with oils. Her background in yoga was a great asset. Thanks to Catalina and her relationships with the hospital and nurses we were able to go straight to our hospital room and skip the triage process. Overall we had an amazing birth experience and were very thankful to have Catalina there. I would also strongly recommend her placenta encapsulation services." by Heidi

"I had an amazing birth experience with Catalina.  We were completely aligned in our natural birthing philosophies and she made sure that my birth plan was met. She made frequent prenatal visits in the comfort of our home where she taught my partner and I some coping techniques such as massage and breathing as well as some birthing positions.  Her yoga background was also helpful with pain management." by Lornnie

"I'll never be able to thank Catalina enough for essentially saving my wife from being sent into surgery for an unnecessary C-section.  I will say this, as a partner to a pregnant woman; it's essential to have a doula who can help you manage the emotional rollercoaster of labor.  The partner's role in the process will unquestionably be compromised by flooding emotions at some point so you need to have someone like Catalina there who isn't going to fall to pieces if the going gets a little rough like I did.  At one point, both my wife and I wanted to throw in the towel and hurl her onto the surgical table just to end the labor, but Catalina assured us that if it was just the pain influencing that decision, there were other ways of managing things.  Long story short, we now have a beautiful baby boy who was delivered vaginally just as we always intended. THANK YOU, Catalina, for helping us through.  You're invaluable!" by John

"Catalina was wonderful. She was always available when I needed to talk and I couldn't have done it without her. She helped me handle my contractions until we got to the hospital. I was admitted at 7cm, which is amazing. When I was told I would need a c-section Catalina was my rock and helped it feel more natural by holding my baby close to me while my doctor finished the procedure. Having Catalina as my doula was the best decision I had made." by Asya

"Wow. Where do I begin? From the start, we knew we could trust Catalina with the very emotional and intimate process of childbirth. She has a wonderful youthful energetic and strong yet gentle and wise spirit. She helped guide my husband and I through the daunting, exciting, and anxiety-filled process with information, helpful poses, emotional support, and even yoga sessions! She was a gentle, supportive, nonjudgmental, generous, smart and resourceful presence leading up to and through my natural labor. She was even there for us afterwards, during times of struggle and lactation problems, followed up with a home visit and referred two very talented and supportive postpartum doulas. And she wrote a beautiful heartfelt letter to our daughter explaining the day she was born that we will cherish forever. I really can't say enough good things about Catalina. If you are looking for someone you can rely on who can guide you and be by your side through whatever labor process you desire, she is your woman." by Laura

"We were so lucky to have Cat as part of our birth team. She worked tirelessly, both in helping us to prepare and particularly through my 30 hour labor. Cat is knowledgeable and fun and I always felt completely comfortable with her, even in my most private moments. I would not hesitate to have her as our doula again and would recommend her to any one searching for a warm, gentle, patient and strong woman to join their birth team." by Kendra